SOULITUDE Series 1 Journal

What does it mean to be in solitude. Solitude is defined as: the quality or state of being alone or far-off from society : seclusion, loneliness. 2. : a lonely place (as a desert).

Life's relentless pursuits fade as does time, energy and creativity. She was star bound amidst the vast expanse of seclusion, craving truth she awakens. 

In the quiet recesses of the soul, call upon your spirits, convincing a pilgrimage within. With faith as their guide, they illuminate the shadows that linger, offering light to lost travellers. In surrendering control, weightlessness elevates the weary soul to soar alongside angels of liberation.

Yet, the physical realm still beckons, its natural beauty intertwined with the snares of ego with each attachment, the purity of being becomes harder, thoughts weaving a webs of separation. 

Amidst this chaotic dance, a lone chicken finds itself adrift in the wilderness of solitude, seeking refuge from the discord of the mind. It's a surreal predicament, where the seeds sown inevitably reap their harvest. Solitude, holds the answers to life's deepest questions, but only for those brave enough to confront the truth.

To preserve the inner world is to see one's true essence, amidst the chaos of human existence. It's a journey to a new earth, where the flames of the soul burn eternal, illuminating the path forward.

Control is but an illusion. The actions of others are beyond our control and to cling to such desires only serves to bind. True liberation lies in relinquishing the ego, in embracing the effortless flow of consciousness.

In the realm of solitude, thoughts build karma, shaping the reality that surrounds us. It's a delicate balance, a dance between intention and response. From this sacred space, one can craft their destiny, forging a path illuminated by the light of truth.


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