Quantum Healing: Deepak Chopra

We are the only creatures on earth that can change our biology by what we think and feel. Every receptor in your body listens to your inner dialogue and responds to how you feel. For example I hate my 9 to 5 sure retail isn't the hardest job and my bosses are lovely but its de stimulating and works the same area of my mind, causing emotional and intellectual fatigue. My Dad is 1 of 3 in the world still alive with his "terminal" diagnose, and from what I've learnt your mind creates whatever is going on in your body. So what caused this? Participation in life. Sleep patterners, diet, relationships and environments, once you can identify where the toxicity is you can change your world. If 100 people are exposed to a virus not everybody gets the virus. I will admit it is not easy growing up in this generation media and society will stop at nothing to make you believe you are not enough or have enough. I have certainly not had the easiest up bring nobody has, but I am grateful. I had just turned 13 when my Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer when he was told he had 3 months to live, but for him this was only the beginning of the rest of his life. My Father is currently training for his 4th marathon. I can assure you it is no miracle my father is still alive, he learnt to master his soul and is still mastering life. 
So what is the soul? There is a part of you that is still with you from when you were a child and it's been with you through all the roles you've played in your life and it won't ever change. If you want to master your life you need to master yourself. I started doing this by waking up early and greeting the sun. Give yourself 10 minutes every morning. Doing this will set you free, listen and observe your thoughts  think only when you want to instead of your thoughts controlling you. Listening and observing your body's thoughts trains a muscle in your mind much the same as going to a gym and working out a muscle. You are training your mind to think when you chose to instead of letting your thoughts control you. When your body remembers a stressful thought it realises the same flood of hormones as the stress from the event itself, the brain cannot decipher the difference between a remembered experience and an actual experience. FORGIVENESS is a detox. Whatever you experience in life is only reflection of yourself. I promise you what you put out you get back, give a compliment, get a compliment, give a smile, get a smile and so on. 
Everyone has experienced their own trauma. I watched my father get run over by a boat, for months even years after I couldn't figure out why my skin was so terrible, why I kept getting sick, I even had a cyst cut out of my lip. I had repressed so many emotions and my body was carrying it around like a anchor. I soon discovered how susceptible to disease I was leaving myself. Depression causes cancer and anger causes inflammatory diseases. Through accepting the emotions and allowing myself to feel I healed myself. When the brain is rested the body is rested. 
Aging is a myth, when you really look at it nobody actually dies of old age they die of diseases that come with old age. By removing toxins from the body you are removing the process of aging and you can out live anything, like my Father. I know people that are 18 but look 30, I know people who are 60 but act 25, aging is a myth. In fact we are the only species who knows were aging when we are aging, so why don't we just reverse it. In just one year the human body replaces 98% of every atom that makes up the body. 
We are what we eat, we all have that friend who could eat a buffet and not gain a kilo and that friend who gains weight the minute they smell food. This is because we have different metabolic responses to food.  Media and advertising are programmed to tell us what's good for us. If you stop and listen to your body it will tell you what you really need. Like any teenage girl battling with her body I can confidently say I have tried diets, cleanses and detoxes. Nothing worked because what's right for one body is not necessarily right for another body, so being put on a "blanket" diet will not change a thing. Something I never even considered was who your eating with. Your state of awareness will influence how your food is metabolised. It is not just what food your eating but what's your awareness/consciousness and state of emotion at the time when your eating. Your state of mind can convert nectar into poison or poison in to nectar. Whatever happens inside your body is affected by your consciousness. Drinking ice cold water actually slows your metabolic rate down because that body requires energy to bring the water back down to room temperature. The best way to get rid of toxins in the body is to drink room temperature of warm water 8 to 10 glasses a day. After doing this you start to stop having cravings through out the day. Cravings are messages from the body that something is out of order. 
There are three main body types hypermetabolic, hypometabolic and fiery metabolic. The hypermetabolic person can eats and never gain weight, they are vivacious, enthusiastic, thin, bony and veiny. When the hypermetabolic person is under stress they get insomnia, anxiety, muscle spasms, menstrual cramps, back aches and headaches. The extreme opposite is hypometabolic these people have a lot of extra body fat they are sympathetic, joyful, friendly and compassionate. Get them under stress and they hold onto things, usually food, fluid or relationships. The Fiery metabolic type are muscular and athletic. Under normal circumstances they are articulate, brave and courageous get them upset and they get angry, jealous and impatient. This body type is susceptible to inflammatory disorders, hypertension and heart attacks. Most people are a combination of one or two. By knowing this allows us to respond to the inner signals that we are admitting all the time. 
So much of our precious planet time is spent worrying about little trivial things which is only interfering with your connection with the soul. We are all so externally oriented, we seek money and  power more than anything. Seeking power is something that fearful people have that they cannot help, power is nothing other than a form of fear it is a need to protect yourself. When fear is gone you don't need power. What we really need in life is peace, harmony, laughter, knowledge and love. When we do this within the external things come without. As a human race we have lost touch with ourselves. Remember thoughts have an invisible animating power. 
- Chloe 
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