Take Care of your own Garden

In busy world, we all crave a quite mind. Mindfulness, is a state of stillness. It sounds cliché but I am most mindful in the ocean, I feel connected to the rest of the world and love the silence beneath the surface. You may feel most at rest in a hot shower or drawing, it is a personal thing and is whatever you want it to be as long as you're mind is quiet! Mindfulness is the gateway into the full dimensionality of being human and being alive. When you are mindful you are present. Learning to quite the mind is something we all struggle with it's no secret! On countless occasions I find myself consumed by thoughts of the day, thoughts for tomorrow and "what if" questions but when you take the time to be mindful the brain will allow you to only acknowledge what you are experiencing in the moment. 
The power of staying in the now means you resist projecting what might happen in the future or lamenting your past mistakes and through this you are learning and growing into a strong person. Time and time again I find myself repeatedly having the same arguments with my parents and end up achieving nothing but a waste of my time and energy. I have now learnt, but trust me need to work on taking a moment to breathe and gather myself when life gives me lemons or argumentative parents. If you don't take a minute to breathe and gather yourself in these moments everything that requires healing is going to rush to the surface and you will do what you've always done, humans are creatures of habit. You have got to be clear enough and grounded enough to look at a situation and say how am I gonna handle it this time. Slow it down babe.
The best way to be in the present moment is to be aware when you are not in the moment, as soon as your aware your not in the moment, your in the moment. Doing this requires you to preserve good chunks of silence. With the silence ask yourself who are you without your car, house, social status, makeup, and what will happen when it will all pass. Social media doesn't make this easy, but trust me there is more to you than the $400 outfit you bought for a night out that will never be worn again. Your external needs will never fill the internal void, trust me I've tried, look within and learn to be comfortable in your own skin. Obsession with beauty becomes a way of resisting the building of peace with yourself. You need to teach yourself to see your own beauty. I have been insecure for a long time, people would tell me I'm beautiful or am pretty but it didn't matter because I simply didn't believe it. One night I really wasn't feeling myself I walked up to a mirror and just began mediating into my eyes. I remember looking at every single imperfection on my face and judging myself until I had nothing left to say in my own mind I was kind of like wow are you done yet that was just mean, hope you feel better. I then looked into my pupils and was like wow, this is me and saw my soul, I saw myself, and my own beauty I stopped judging myself and realised its every little imperfection that makes you perfection.  
But the lesson here is pause we go from being 20 to 30 without a pause, 30 to 40 without a pause we go from one job to the next, from one bed to the next, one relationship to the next and nothing is different because we bring all of our old internal issues to it. The grass is not going to be greener on the other side, take care of your own garden. Your mental reactions cause the vast majority of problems in life, once realising this your thoughts lean away from the mess the mind is creating. Aren't we all ultimately seeking freedom, we are seeking the state of absolute wellbeing and that's what freedom means. True freedom is freedom from yourself not freedom for yourself, so take a breathe it's going to be okay.
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