About Page

I am a passionate individual deeply connected to the water, embodying the spirit of a surfer, surf coach, yoga teacher, conservationist, and creator. The vision of Flying Angels emerged from my longing to be part of something far bigger, a collective effort to leave this Earth in a better state than when I arrived. Personally, I've navigated mental health struggles, finding solace and healing in the vast embrace of the ocean. As I grew, the realization dawned that I was not alone in this journey. Many surfers, like myself, battle mental illness and turn to the ocean as a powerful outlet. With this understanding, our mission at Flying Angels extends beyond selling sustainable beach essentials. We strive to build beautiful, environmentally conscious communities around the sport, breaking down the competitive and isolating stereotypes that can often accompany surfing practices. By fostering a sense of unity, I aim to create spaces where surfers can find support, understanding, and connection – not just with the ocean, but with each other. Join me in shaping a future where the waves of change bring about a more inclusive and compassionate surfing culture. Every purchase contributes to building these supportive communities and nurturing the well-being of surfers worldwide. Let's ride the tides together toward a more connected and sustainable future.