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The Mission

To Connect people back together along our beautiful Australian coastlines. Helping share the same desired outcome; embracing a future with fewer barriers, for you and the eco system.

We aspire to expand and strengthen the surfing community, driven by the heartfelt intention of offering everyone the chance to navigate life's ever-changing waters, all while being embraced by the ocean and the Flying Angels Community.

The Health of our Ocean reflects our collective humanity.

it continues...

with commitment to creating a community, where conscious healing can occur.

Note: FA stands for inclusivity, regardless of background. You are connected, protected guided, and empowered within the tribe.

Healthier ocean's together.

Who am I


My mission is to empower ocean Lovers, guiding them to discover their inner strength and illuminate the path towards conscious living. Through a series of transformative experiences and Life's blessings, instilling within me a profound desire to create an Eco Friendly Surf School. Embracing a holistic teaching philosophy, I aim to weave together mind, body, and spirit, fostering a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.

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